Invited By Music


In this website, I serve up a palette of colorful resources for you on your journey through this life. These resources are all tried and tested by me and have brought to me fascinating insights, creative expressions, and an ongoing means of integrating body-mind-spirit. I believe they can do the same for you.

The title of my site, Invited by Music, comes from a documentary film by the same title that I wrote and produced for the Bonny Institute and the Association for Music and Imagery. ‘Invited by Music’ captures the quintessence of what my mentor, Helen Bonny, made available to me and to others in her development of The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. This method is at the heart of my holistic practice.

I deal primarily in the mind-spirit part of holistic health. And I have learned that those persons who are really willing to take responsibility for their health and well being by being active participants and creators in their own health, are happier, more resilient, and better able to develop their spiritual nature than those who want the plate to be served to them or the magic pill to be prescribed.

I invite you to look over the palette and to decide which resources fit you right now. Walk along side me for awhile. We can learn a lot from one another and become better for it.

I am a pastoral counselor with a strong transpersonal slant. I work with several modalities that invite the participation of those parts of the self that are not in the light of consciousness. I give workshops and retreats. I train persons in the modalities I use. I believe that in these times of change and challenge, we must develop inner pathways and outer community to strengthen our spirituality and wholeness.

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Mandala: Holistic Reflection of the Self
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A New Book:
Conscious Choices
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